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Easy P2P Payments for

Wallets & Exchanges

Grow your business with the easiest way to send and receive crypto


Users can move money with an easy to remember PayID that connects to any currency


Users can use PayIDs to easily deposit any currency into an exchange

PayID in Numbers

Case Studies

PayID is one of the biggest leaps forward for crypto currency adoption that we've ever seen. The ability for users to share their addresses through a pronounceable and memorable format will help demistyfy the payment process for millions..”

Curis Wang

Co-Founder and CEO

What Press Says

PayID, a free and open standard designed to replace account numbers that are designed to be interoperable and easier to understand — easy enough that Ripple envisions people typing the account name by memory, something that people rarely do for driver's license numbers and other common identifiers. Ripple's standard could remove the need for two people to use the same payment app for P2P transfers... The PayID standard allows people on different transfer apps to connect with each other.

Ripple debuts digital ID project with 40 companies on board

PayID is Free, Easy and Simple to Implement

Build on your choice of platform and programs.

Deploy in minutes with just a few lines of code

Clone Repo





git clone
cd payid

Run Script


npm run devEnvUp
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